Asset lifecycle management

How end-to-end asset lifecycle management works

Our end-to-end approach covers all stages of an investment, providing investors with support and guidance throughout the pre-investment phase, the hold period and the exit phase.

We work to our client’s brief to produce tailor-made horizontal and vertical solutions. Building on our extensive track record, strong analytical skills and attention to detail, we plan and deliver both targeted and diversified services. This way we proactively cover all financial, technical and operation aspects of the project.

To facilitate well-versed decision-making, we focus on the investor’s need for versatile, timely and detailed information. We strive to provide unbiased proposals and always maintain confidentiality.

This integrated approach allows us to:

  • Always stay on top of the investment, ensuring no surprises come our way.
  • Identify and address challenges early on.
  • Help you maximise your return on investment.

How we help
you at the

How we help
you throughout
the investment
hold period

How we help
you successfully
exit the

Aiming to help you close the investment successfully and safely, we assist you in all preliminary stages, carrying out all necessary studies and coordinating due diligence reports.

Depending on the specific needs of the project and your brief, we arrive at the most suitable service bundle.

  • Financial services

    Market analysis and financial modelling. Building on our expertise, we perform market and commercial analysis, but also employ financial modelling to better forecast the financial performance of your investment.

    Funding. We help you raise funds and secure bank financing. To this end, we also prepare a comprehensive investment presentation to support your requests.

  • Technical services

  • Operation services

  • Transactional services

Our aim is to offer hands-on support, supervise all aspects of your investment and monitor its progress towards success, always acting on your behalf.
Depending on the specific needs of the project and your brief, we come up with the most suitable service bundle.

Financial services

Financial management

We can act as your Financial Controller, overseeing the accounting department and addressing any audit and tax issues. We can also monitor and execute day-to-day transactions: cash management, payments, e-banking etc.


Preparing and monitoring the budget, cash flows and the financial statements is another task we can undertake. We follow up, make any required revisions and provide regular updates to investors on the operating and financial performance of the investment.

Financial planning

To be proactive, we also help you plan for the future, using scenario planning, performing cost-benefit analysis and structuring appropriate financing schemes.

Technical services


To ensure the smooth development of your project, we offer project management services. To this end, we supervise day-to-day operations, and prepare and monitor maintenance plans.

CapEx planning
and monitoring

We place great emphasis on capital expenditure execution, preparing and monitoring budgets and time schedules, and estimating the expected return on investment.

Legal and technical file

Having deep knowledge of the Greek market, we help you throughout the process of issuing all required permits and licenses for your development. We also prepare and maintain any required legal and technical files on your investment.

Operation services

management positions

To secure fast reaction and facilitate compliance, we undertake professional management positions, such as legal representatives, BoD representatives, etc.

Day-to-day operations

We supervise all operations, aiming to optimise them and ensure corporate compliance across.

Regular updates
to investors

On a weekly basis, we report on the operating and financial performance of the asset, comparing the business plan against the budget and the actual figures.

Once you decide to realise your investment, we assist you throughout the process, securing a successful exit. To assist you in successfully divesting, we:

  • Prepare all required technical, legal, commercial and financial files.
  • Set up the Virtual Data Room (VDR).
  • Prepare all related memos.
  • Support you throughout the negotiations.