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Financial services

Financial management

Effective financial management is vital for any business and it impacts both performance and decision-making. We have the skills and expertise to help you plan, organise, direct and control all financing activities of your investment.
Depending on your needs, we offer a range of financial services:


We coordinate and direct the preparation of budgets and financial forecasts, and report on any variances. Employing financial modelling, we combine accounting, finance, and business metrics to produce forecasts for the investment and its financial needs.

Financial reporting and compliance

We ensure financial statements and regulatory reporting are prepared and published in time. Moreover, we monitor compliance with local, state and federal government reporting requirements, and social security, tax and other filings.


Aiming to help you achieve your long-term investment goals, we propose an appropriate financial strategy for your project. We focus on maximising efficiencies, reducing costs and preparing risk mitigation plans. To efficiently allocate resources, we work with other business functions.

Debt management and day-to-day banking

To assist you with day-to-day banking, we approve and process payments, handle bank accounts and prepare relevant reports. We also help you with debt and cash flow management.


We can oversee all accounting operations, including billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger accounting, cost accounting, inventory accounting and revenue recognition.

Chief restructuring officer

When a business is underperforming or is financially distressed, a Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) could prove invaluable in bringing in a new mindset and stabilising the organisation.

Our unique blend of business skills and restructuring insight allows us to quickly identify the undermining causes and develop tailor-made solutions to restructure a business and steer it toward long-term viability.

We undertake:

  • Financial assignments

    We focus on cash flow management, improving financial efficiency across the board (receivables, liabilities etc.) and providing prompt reporting.

  • Operating assignments

  • Business plans

  • Compliance

Feasibility studies

To help you identify challenges and opportunities early on, we evaluate investment projects at the inception phase. To this end, we carry out feasibility studies, taking account of economic, technical, legal and scheduling considerations.

Combining our experience, in-depth knowledge of the Greek market and out-of-the-box thinking, we manage to present and evaluate various investment choices. This way, we create market value and diminish potential risks for the investors.

Technical services

Development management

We provide optimised development management services, placing great emphasis on cost, quality and time control.

From ideation to delivery, we lead the process of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing any investment project, ensuring all milestones are met in due time.

As Development Managers (DM), we act as a single point of reference for the project owner. We are fully accountable for our actions, ensuring prompt execution and smooth coordination among the various stakeholders.

Project monitoring

Aiming to ensure the succesful development of your project and to better protect your interests, we have established a comprehensive project monitoring process.
Our project monitoring approach focuses on three axes:

  • Plan and cost review. We gather all data and carefully review the plans, aiming to confirm their completeness and evaluate requested funding. This way, we ensure that all expenditures represent market costs and we avoid over-costing.
  • Construction inspections. While the project is in the construction phase, on-site construction inspections verify that work is completed on time, using resources as planned, and that quality meets the contract requirements and specs.
  • Funds control. We control funds, reviewing payment requests submitted by all parties (subcontractors, suppliers etc.) and ensuring all payments are made in due time.

Professional services

  • Investor representatives

    To secure faster reaction time, we undertake professional management positions, such as:

    • Board Member. We can be appointed as an executive or
      non-executive Member of the Board, to act on behalf of the investor or participate alongside them.
    • Legal representative. We represent investors before Greek authorities (state, tax and social security authorities etc.) and perform specific actions as per the mandates stipulated in the
      Articles of Association.
    • Bank account signatory. We undertake to complete all necessary forms for account opening and handling, including signatory rights and e-banking. All the payments we perform are within the amount limits agreed with the investor.
  • Corporate administration